Kent Optronics, Inc. proficient management team is the critical factor leading to the successful development of the entity with strong potential of growth, promising the best service for both industry and societal communities.

Management Team

The company's management team is led by Dr. Le Li (CEO) who reports to the Board of Directors and works, along with Dr. Haiping Yu, the Managing Director, with six (6) functions of R&D, Prototyping & Product, Legal Counsel, Intellectual Property, Business & Marketing, and Advisory Board.

Dr. Le Li - President, CEO and Founder

Dr. Le LiDr. Le Li is the founder and CEO of KOI with more than 20 years of experiences in R&D, business, and product commercialization. He developed, implemented and is executing the company's development plans; he created the company's core technologies. On the commercial side, he is focusing on fundraising, partnership liaison, and intellectual property. Dr. Li has a credential track-of-record in commercializing high-tech technologies with examples of liquid crystal components, IR scene projector, and special liquid crystal display. Dr. Le Li received his M.S. in optical instrument engineering, and Ph.D. in optics from Fudan University, Shanghai, China, in 1984 and 1988, respectively. He has published over 50 technical articles and patents (issued and pending), covering liquid crystal, optical device, and display fields.

Dr. Haiping Yu - Managing Director of R&D

Dr. Haiping YuDr. Haiping Yu supervises the R&D and prototype/product development departments. He has over 20-years of combined experience in multi-subject Physics Research and new product development. As the senior technology officer of KOI, his responsibilities include program management and R&D activities. Prior to KOI, he served as a senior project manager in Reveo, Inc. Before joining Reveo, Dr. Yu worked at the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Semiconductors (IRC) at Imperial College. Dr. Yu obtained his Ph.D. in Physics at Fudan University, Shanghai, China in 1988. He has published over 40 academic papers in liquid crystal, optical components/devices, fiber optics, semiconductor structure/device, and laser spectroscopy. He also holds more than 6 patents covering liquid crystal and optical subsystem/devices.