Kent Optronics
Two-Color High Temperature IR Scene Projector

Our visible projectors use reflective LCoS arrays, fabricated for the specific spectral waveband of interest, to create the hi-definition image with typically 12-14 bits of stable amplitude resolution and selectable frame rates from 30-200 Hz. A high-speed model can achieve up to 700 Hz for the visible band.

Data Sheet

Visible Scene Projector

The Visible projector is a stand-alone and turnkey instrument, demonstrating the highest performance presently available, for users in hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) and sensor test and evaluation (T&E). The instrument consists of a high-power illumination engine, a high- speed Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) display engine, and a variable aperture variable focal length optical projection engine (OPE). It uses standard video interfaces. The illumination engine consists of Visible-Near IR light sources. The light from the illumination engine is directed to the LCoS display engine via an optical relay train. The high-power light sources enable the high optical power output. Please check the data sheet link for details. .