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The CMHFVS sensor is a unique state-of-the-art computational imaging system with the capability of real-time adaptive configurability to address user’s needs in challenging multiple-threat and multiple-mission environment.

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Compressive Sensor

The CMHFVS sensor is adaptive configurable in real time and carries out multi-missions in one platform. “Adaptive Configurability” is such that the sensor hardware and software allows adaptation of sensing/perception parameters like spatial, temporal, spectral resolution, field of view and processing latency in real-time on-the-fly. It enables “Multi-Mission” via the adaptive configurability with the capability to conduct more than just one mission in a manner similar to the human visual system, i.e., detection-of-x, identification-of-y, tracking-of-z, over-watch, and situational awareness. It is a vital tool for instantaneous target detection & recognition relying on a few frames of direct HS CS measurements.

The offered sensor is implemented with both a single pixel detector path for high sensitivity and fast frame rate grayscale imaging; and a spectrometer path for HS imaging. Both paths share a common objective lens and programmable DMD aperture for 2-D spatial coding. The implemented software executes data acquisition, reconstruction for real-time coarse resolution video preview, and reconstruction for fine resolution.

The sensor enables:

  • Flexible selection between MS and HS sensing modes;
  • Fast sampling rate for target identification;
  • Flexible fovea with arbitrary region of interest (ROI) number, size, location, and resolution in both spectral and spatial domains;
  • Compact size, weight, and power consumption plus cost (SWaP-C).

The offered sensor can be used as a scientific research backbone platform for facilitating advanced Compressed Sensing, Machine Vision, Deep Learning research, and also a good education platform for college students to study in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

The CMHFVS comes with a complete hardware package with the software for data acquisition, reconstruction and display.

The CMHFVS sensor captured scene, where (A) Image captured by the conventional 2-D camera inside the CMHS, (B) Reconstructed grayscale image from the single pixel detector; and (C) Reconstructed color image from the spectrometer based on CIE 1931 color space

Selected hyperspectral image frames at different wavelengths which have been reconstructed with a spectral resolution Δλ = 10 nm of the scene in the above figure

Visible CMHFVS Specifications

Parameter Value
Spectrum (nm) 400 - 850 (a)
Spatial resolution 1×1 to 1024×1024 (b)
Spectral resolution (nm) 0.8 - 450 nm
Frame rate (fps) 30 (c)
Field of view (deg) Up to 12 × 12
Size (Inch) (d) 12" × 9.5" × 18"
Weight (Lb) (d) ~24
Power consumption (W) ≤ 55


(a) --- Other spectra are available under special order, till 12 m in long wave infrared (LWIR).

(b) --- Compressed, not full resolution at 1024×1024

(c) --- Compressed video rate

(d) --- The weight and size specs are for generation-1 product, which can be reduced in the future