Kent Optronics

Kent Optronics, Inc. has the best professionals and world-class technologies in the industry helping us overcome any foreseeable problems to provide our clients with the most reliable optics solutions available.

Corporate Overview

Kent Optronics, Inc. (KOI) was incorporated in the State of Ohio and started formal operation in 2000 when it got its first SBIR funding from the Air Force. The company is located in an industry park at 40 Corporate Park Drive in Hopewell Junction, New York with a field office near Kent State University, Ohio. The company is 100% employee owned.

KOI is a high-tech company in the field of liquid crystal devices and electro-optical components and subsystems. The targeted markets are OEM markets in photonics, particularly, in optical components, infrared (IR) display, special purpose display, IR imaging & sensing, laser, and optical communication.

KOI's core competencies are in applied R&D, customized prototype and product development to meet the unmet market demands in the fields of optics and liquid crystal.

In its early stage of operation, KOI focused on technological development, including tunable filters, IR scene projectors, electrically switchable mirrors / switchable glasses, special LCDs, laser protection devices, tunable lasers, etc... Since 2005, KOI has shifted its focus towards prototype development, which has generated the prototypes of transparent liquid crystal display, variable bandwidth tunable filter and tunable notch filters, TransFlector (switchable mirror / switchable glass), large format multi-spectral high blackbody temperature scene projection display (IR Scene Projection System). From 2007, KOI is shifting further from prototyping to product development by working with our partners.

KOI adopts the "Investment in a spin-off" commercialization strategy, in which KOI is kept as a privately held R&D entity while subsidiary spun-off(s) with the intention to grow as a high-potential venture.

Our mission is to develop and commercialize advanced electro-optical solutions and systems by leveraging our world-class expertise in liquid crystal, optics, photonics components and fabrication techniques.