Kent Optronics

Kent Optronics, Inc. welcomes investment opportunities on its current or potential subsidiary(s) for the specific product development and commercialization with identified application(s).

Investment Scope

At the moment, KOI is looking for investment to promote the commercialization of our switchable mirror based components, IR scene projector, tunable filter and laser protection devices. In particular, KOI welcomes partnership opportunities from the industry sectors who have: 1) high tech industry background; and 2) interests in jointly developing and commercializing our technology(s) suited for designated product(s) with a specific purpose in the identified application.

KOI will offer:

A strong management & technical team with demonstrated track records in the relevant areas of expertise.

Customized technical solution leading to the specific profitable product(s).

Broad IP portfolio in the related technologies and product designs.

Market opportunity related to the sectors in IR scene projector, optical components, sensor, and laser.