Kent Optronics

The intelligence laser protection devices (LPD), based on KOI's innovative reflective tunable notch filters and FPGA implemented control electronics, dynamically detect, discriminate, threshold and selectively reject harmful laser line(s) without disturbing optical sensor normal functioning.

Laser Protection

The laser protection device (LPD) consists of a light detection/discrimination unit, a tunable filter, and the control electronics. The detection unit detects, discriminates, and thresholds the incoming threatening laser radiation. Once the laser intensity is above the pre-set threshold, the detection unit outputs a signal that contains the laser wavelength information to the control electronics, which then drives the tunable filter to block the harmful laser. All the actions are performed in a fully automated manner within 10's to 100's of milliseconds. The LPD can provide laser protection from the visible to mid-wave IR with an outstanding performance of <1 dB insertion loss; high optical (notch) density; and 10's to 100's nm notch bandwidth.

Both 1330 1523 Unblocked

Green Laser

Red Laser

Both 1330 1523 Blocked

Green Laser Protection

Red Laser Protection