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The e-TransFlector is a thin film liquid crystal switchable mirror that can be instantly switched between pure reflection, half-reflection and total transparent states with customized reflection wavelength and bandwidth in visible and IR.

Data Sheet

Switchable Mirror / Switchable Glass

The e-TransFlector™, an electrically switchable transreflective mirror that was developed by Kent Optronics, represents a unique state-of-the-art of electro-optically switchable mirror. It is a solid-state thin film device made from a special liquid crystal material, which can be rapidly switched between pure reflection, half-reflection and total transparent states through a push button. The e-TransFlector™ series products offer customers a switchable reflective shutter for both visible and infrared applications, while at the same time provide the flexibility to customize bandwidth, aperture size, and array format, as well as an excellent environment stability.

In reflection state

In transparent state

In half-reflection/transmission state

The e-TransFlector™ products can be used either as a component in customer system or a standalone device for designated purposes. Examples include switchable polarizer, achromatic polarizing switchable beam splitter/combiner, light shutter, laser beam director, switchable mirror and half-mirror, switchable energy saving windows/glazing, smart spectacles/sun glasses, etc… The envisioned systems and applications include projection displays, helmet mounted displays (HMD), laser protection devices, see-through displays, cameras/camera-phones, vision-aid devices, and high-throughput, spectrally tunable filters, to name a few. The e-TransFlector™ is superior to the current state-of-the-art switchable mirror products: it has ~87% photopic reflectance in the reflection state, >87% photopic transmittance in the transparent state, and ~43% reflectance/transmittance when in the half-reflection state. Its reflection bandwidth can be tailored from 50 to 1,000 nm and the state-to-state transition time is nominally 10 - 100 milliseconds. A recent ABC News report shows an automobile rear view video mirror made with our switchable mirror. more>>

It comes with a compact power supply that can be either battery or 110/220 V wall-plug powered. Customers have the option to choose the e-TransFlector™ substrate material, shape, and curvature. All products are offered at a competitive price. A demo is available upon request.

All pixels in reflection state

Part pixels in reflection state

All pixels in transparent state

e-TransFlector™ Reflection Spectra

e-TransFlector™ Transmission Spectra

e-TransFlector™ Specifications

Spectral range 400 –5,000 nm
Reflection spectral bandwidth 50 - 1,000 nm
Photopic reflectance in mirror state (Default state) > 87%
Photopic transmittance in mirror state (Default state) < 1%
Reverse mode default state reflection Not available
Reverse mode default state transmittance Not available
Photopic transmittance in clear state > 87% (no AR coating); > 95% (AR coating)
Transmittance/reflectance in half-reflection state 43% / 43%
Transmittance/reflection Uniformity < ± 0.2%
Viewing angle 0° - 70°
Switching time 10 ms – 100 ms (20°C)
Switching voltage 100 - 260 V/20Hz square wave
Power consumption 40 mW/cm2
Operation temperature -10 – 70°C
Storage temperature - 51 – 120°C
UV stability Stable under 30W UV-B
Life time > 10 years (in-door)
Active area size 5 mm x 5 mm to 1 m x 1 m
Pixel size (if pixilated) 30 μm and up
Thickness 0.5 mm or greater
Substrate material Glass, quartz and plastic (PET and PC)