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NVG on Helmet

The WFOV Foveal NVG is a lightweight and compact wide angle night vision goggle that can be handheld or mounted on a helmet. Its foveal design features both 80 degrees wide field of view (WFOV) of and high on-axis resolution.

Data Sheet

Wide FOV Foveal Night Vision Goggle

The WFOV F-NVG, or wide field-of-view foveal-night vision goggle, is developed based on KOI’s proprietary optical foveal design and feature an outstanding, 80 degrees field of view (FOV) without compromising optical resolution or size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP). This increased FOV, along with high on-axis resolution, is attained through the use of a wide angle foveal eyepiece and objective lens without any weight penalty. These night vision goggles work with all Gen III image intensifier tubes.

The WFOV F-NVG series cover both binocular and monocular. The binocular version is a retrofit of the standard AN/PVS-15, while the monocular is a retrofit of the AN/PVS-14/-18.

Wide FOV Foveal Night Vision Goggle

The limited 40° FOV of standard AN/PVS-14/-18/-15 NVGs restricts off-axis detection, thus hindering the peripheral vision of the user. They require aggressive head scanning to maintain minimal situational awareness, resulting in user's neck strain, disorientation, fatigue and sometimes mishape and life threating.

Our WFOV F-NVG series solved these problems. As compared to the most recent state-of-the-art Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (PNVG), with a rectangular FOV of 40° x 97° brought by four (4) optical channels, the WFOV F-NVG’s circular 80° FOV in each single optical channel offers a much larger area of awareness and observation – true, 2-dimensional coverage in a much lighter and more compact package.

    Potential Applications:

  • Vehicular navigation
  • Robotic navigation
  • Hunting
  • Visual augmentation systems:handheld and head-mounted
  • Wide-area surveillance and tracking
  • Security and law enforcement
  • Image Comparison Between Conventional NVG and WFOV Foveal NVG

    Binocular WFOV F-NVG Specifications

    Magnification 1x
    Field of View (FOV) 80°
    Range of Focus >25
    Eye Relief 15 to 20 mm (80° to 68° FOV)
    Diopter Adjustment +2 to -4 diopters
    Image Intensifier GEN III
    Battery Type one (1) AA battery
    Battery Life 16 hours at room temperature
    IR Illuminator yes (built-in)
    Size (length) 105 mm (4.1 in.) from sacrificial filter to demist shield
    Weight 676 grams (23.8 oz.) with battery
    Submersibility ~ 20 meters (66 ft.)
    Mounts Helmet mount adapter