Kent Optronics

This is a large format multi-spectral super-high temperature IR scene projection display based on new Infrared (IR) fast speed Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) driven by intensive IR illuminator.

IR Scene Projector

This IR scene projector is a projection display relies on the principle of radiometrically simulating the thermal motion pictures from a liquid crystal spatial light modulator, such as liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS), under a powerful IR illuminator. The instrument is made of a light illuminator, a high-speed LCoS display engine, and a variable aperture variable focal length optical projection engine. The light from the illuminator is directed to the LCoS display engine via an optical relay train. The LCoS display accepts the rendered motion images either from a computer or a sensor. Each LCoS has NxN individually addressed liquid crystal pixels. The thermal image is created by electro-optically modulating the optical phase of each individual pixel, such that the reflected light energy is dynamically modulated. The modulated imaging beam is coupled to an optical projection engine and then projected to the sensor under test.

The high power light sources enable > 3,000°C blackbody apparent temperature (BAT) in the infrared region from near to long wave IR for applications in hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) and sensor test & evaluation (T&E). This 3,000°C breaks the 800K BAT limit imposed by the most popular bolometer based on Resistive Emitter Array (REA). Other performance specifications are the higher frame rate than video rate, and >12 bits of the dynamic range.

Infrared display

Captured LWIR thermal image at 10.6 μm
having a BAT as high as 1500°C