Kent Optronics

Kent Optronics, Inc provides custom solutions to liquid crystal material formulation, liquid crystal device design and spectral imaging / display development. Our previous success over the past years has proven our capability in fulfilling our customers' needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Liquid Crystal Material Formulation

We design, synthesize and formulate special liquid crystal materials based on customer needs.  Our emphasis is on liquid crystal speed (i.e., response time), birefringence, and optical loss control.  We design special liquid crystal formulations for bi-stable state display, infrared display, liquid crystal light shutter, tunable filters, in addition to others.

Liquid Crystal Device Design & Prototyping

We provide design and prototyping service in liquid crystal devices and components to meet customer specific needs. Our specialties are in liquid crystal light shutter, switchable mirror, tunable filter, phase and amplitude spatial light modulators (SLM), as well as their analogues and/or derivatives.

Spectral Imaging & Display Development

KOI provides technical solutions to spectral sensors/imagers as well as displays, such as multispectral projection displays, spectrally foveated sensors, night vision goggles (NVG), etc. The development scope includes all the aspects from system/component design to breadboard layout, to prototype integration, calibration and test, and, finally, to production.