Kent Optronics

Kent Optronics, Inc. offers two types of solutions for spectral imaging: Multi-mode HSI/MSI and Spatial and Spectral Foveal Sensor. Both products are implemented with KOI's innovative liquid crystal technologies.

Spectral Sensor

The spectral sensor series offer the following products:

  • Multimode HSI/MSI, a lightweight, compact, and cost-effective multi-mode imager with user-selectable spectral resolutions in the short wave infrared (SWIR) band.
  • Spatial and Spectral Foveal Sensor, a SWIR sensor which offers user defined region of interest (ROI) with high spatial resolution and narrow spectral linewidth.
  • Compressive Sensor, can be used as a scientific research backbone platform for facilitating advanced Compressed Sensing, Machine Vision, Deep Learning research, and also a good education platform for college students to study in the field of artificial intelligence (AI)