Kent Optronics

Kent Optronics, Inc. is hard at work developing innovative and efficient technologies based on liquid crystals that can aid potential business growth.

Technology Overview

Kent Optronics is expending liquid crystal technologies from the conventional display field to more general photonics fields which contain both innovative liquid crystal components/devices and the unique system/subsystem designs and integrations. Specific areas of our technologies involve optical communication, special purpose and IR scene projectors, imaging and sensing, light source/illuminator, light protection, and general electro-optically active components.

KOI selects a specific technology to develop, based upon the following four criteria: (a) technology innovativeness to differentiate from the state-of-the-arts, (b) solid IP position for right protection, (c) expertise within our reach, and (d) market size with multi-billion dollar potential.

As a consequence, several KOI technologies are within the transition period of being acquired by both government and industry partners.